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Light Tower Generator

Light tower generator enjoys wide applications, including mining, production, construction, disaster relief service and so on.

Technical Parameters
Model Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
T500 2280(1050,Retracted the tow bar & reversed the rear legs) 1050 2760(2270,Deteached a pair of the top lights) 460(Without fuel)
T1000 2450 1430 1450 1130
M500A 1310 1090 2320 128
M500B 1310 1090 2320 123
H1000 4820(3760,the tow bar be retracted) 2850(1830,Retracted the legs) 2920(2380,a pair of top light be detached) 2510

Light tower generator features:
1. Manual operation or automatic operation with hydraulic mast.
2. Three-section hydraulic mast has is adjustable, and its max. height is nine meters.
3. Hydraulic mast could be rotated in 360 degrees, and its lamp could electronically rotate in 180 degrees.
4. Light fixture is of cast aluminum material, which is durable and fashionable in appearance.
5. Suitable for all kinds of weathers.

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